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One Leadership Action a Day: March 22, 2023 (Space to Hear)

As leaders, one of the most important things we can do is create opportunities and spaces to stay connected to what is truly happening around us, on our team, and in our organization. If we get too far away or too confident in what we know, it can prevent us from learning about some of the most important things: our blind spots. Blind spots come in many forms - for me, I know when I am starting to defend something, without staying curious and open, I am almost always missing something.

Creating the space to hear hard things - important things - takes intentional time, effort, and focus. - Sometimes it is the extra space in a one-on-one or meeting that helps something come out. Sometimes it is an extra level of outreach to connect with someone. Sometimes it is paying close enough attention to read between the unspoken lines.

One of my favorite models is outlined by Dr. Amy Edmondson with three steps (there are details to the steps, but here is a place to start):

(1) Set the stage

(2) Invite participation

(3) Respond productively

I highly recommend her book: Fearless Organizations.

Today is a great day to think about how you can create space to hear hard things.

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