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March 1, 2023 (Leader Habit: Set Intention)

Let's be honest ... we are busy as leaders, and there is a lot to balance and to focus on. When I am working with people working to build new habits (leader, time management, etc.), I often recommend starting with intention and reminders.

New month, new opportunity to pause and set your intention. What leader habit could you focus on this month that would advance your leadership practice with intention and focus?

Maybe you are thinking ... 31 days is a long time to just work on one thing. It might be ... or it might not be. That's really a YOU decision.

Today, I encourage you to:

Set your daily leader habit focus area. Is it curiosity, caring, connection, courage (or maybe something else)?

Now, write it down somewhere you will see it or set a reminder on your phone to pop up at different tones to remind you

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