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January 25, 2023 (Compassionately delivered feedback)

Feedback is something many people (aka leaders) may shy away from. Honestly, I think a lot about the number of conversations I have about feedback, including how to deliver, whether or not to deliver, etc.

I was inspired by watching the leader of my child's martial arts studio in action. He gave important feedback, noticed when the children adjusted to his feedback, and did it all in a compassionate, clear way. And the children were clearly in an environment where they could thrive. Honestly, I love watching him in action - it inspires me every time.

There are SO many good resources about delivering and receiving feedback. From books to articles to online learning, it's a gap that if we have (both giving and receiving), it is important that we fill.

Sometimes, it is frustration of something not changing; sometimes it is to aid someone's growth. Whatever it is, if the ultimate goal is bettering a situation, advancing a relationship, or helping someone else be successful, it is an important leadership action.

Take it today.

Who can you deliver feedback to in a compassionate way?

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