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February 24, 2023 (Conditions for Courageous Followers)

The leader habit of courage looks different for each person - at different points along their leadership journey.

And creating conditions for others to demonstrate courage around you is a leader habit every person can practice right now - today.

  • Do you leverage emotional intelligence to see when/where curiosity from you could create courage in someone around you?

  • What is your response to someone who shares something with you?

  • How do you handle/moderate those around you when there is a behavior that could shut down courage?

As leaders - at all levels - we are responsible for creating the conditions for courageous followers. It is in how we ask questions... it is in how we notice and pay attention to those around us ... it is the behaviors we allow and tolerate that do (or do not) advance an organization.

Today ask yourself ...

Are you creating conditions for courageous followers?

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