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Who am I?
Why do I do this work?

Open Book.

I've been studying, learning about, practicing, and coaching others on leadership and transitions for over 20 years.  I seek to provide a balance of research-based, practical, and personalized approach to your leadership journey - at all levels, as well as support teams in all stages from creation, to development, or even re-imagining. 

Leadership is "Simple, but Not Easy."  Teamwork takes practice - and we are all on a leadership journey.  From those who are thinking about who they want to be as a leader to those with decades of experience, we can work together to take you to the next level through a variety of methods. 

Start learning about leading by reading my  blog, and learn more about how I might help you, your team, or someone you know enjoy their leadership journey even a bit more. 


Dr. Sara Reed 

  • Leadership practitioner with 25+ years of experience, trying, learning and trying again in multiple industries and at multiple levels 

  • Scholar of leadership, with an earned doctorate in educational leadership and management 

  • Leadership coach, seeking to help every leader learn, reflect and get better

  • Experienced in developing individuals, teams, and organizations; from individual coaching to broad leadership frameworks for 200,000+ individuals, my focus is research-informed, practitioner-based, and asset-focused

  • Certified in Fearless Organizations, Leadership Practices Inventory, The Extraordinary Leader 360, The Leadership Challenge, and Strengths Coaching.

  • Elevating Leadership, LLC.
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