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Trusted expertise to take leaders and teams to the next level 

Advancing leadership ... one thought, one question, one person, and one day ... at a time.

My Leadership Story

For over 25 years, leadership has been my passion.  From early on, my journey was about creating positive change ... and over the last two decades, I have both grown my personal practice and my skills in helping individual leaders and teams grow their effectiveness.  What makes my work different:

  • Research-informed: I have studied and continue to study the best practices

  • Practitioner-based: I have experience leading teams at multiple levels; I know the real-world challenges of leading and work with leaders and teams to take their teams and themselves to the next level. 

  • Asset-minded: Believing in the potential of people, my focus is bringing out the best in others

  • Personalized:  Building off being asset-minded means we work together to develop the right next steps for you and your team. 

What makes Elevating Leadership, LLC. special


Leadership learning is a lifelong endeavor; I am both educated and continue to learn.  I ground my work in research, not only theories of what "should" or "might" work. 


I have a deep passion for helping individuals and teams of all levels and experiences go to the next level. 


With over 25 years of experience, the work I do is grounded in this background.  I have led teams, transitioned as a leader, led through crisis, and grown through the process.  My coaching and consulting is based in research and grounded in reality. 


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